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Meet Your Watchman

Meet Mark Scorer - Your Navigator in the Voyage of Life

At the heart of "Our Watchman" is Mark Scorer, a man whose life story is as diverse and deep as the seas he cherishes. With a career that spans across the navy, financial services, and a passion for the philosophical and practical aspects of life, Mark embodies the essence of a true guide. His journey from the offshore industry in Singapore to the tranquil waves of the Thames is a testament to his adaptability and quest for meaning. Mark is not just a financial life planner; he is a stoic philosopher at sea, a windsurfer navigating life's tides, and a puzzle geek who finds joy in unravelling life's complexities.

In his role at "Our Watchman", Mark brings these myriad experiences to the fore. He doesn’t just offer financial planning; he offers wisdom. His approach is not about selling products but about understanding life stories. With Mark, your financial life plan is crafted not only with technical expertise but with a profound understanding of what it means to live a life of purpose and fulfilment. He is your watchman, your guide, and your partner in charting a course towards a retirement that is as rewarding as it is secure.

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Mark's Story - Charting a Course Beyond the Horizon

Welcome aboard "Our Watchman", where the story of Mark Scorer unfolds like a captivating sea-faring tale. Mark's journey is not just a professional chronicle; it's a rich tapestry woven with experiences that transcend the ordinary, shaping him into the unique financial life planner he is today.

The Early Voyage

Mark's story begins with the discipline and precision of a naval career. His years in the navy instilled in him a deep respect for the power of the sea and the importance of navigating life's uncertainties with a steady hand. It was here that Mark developed his knack for strategy and problem-solving, skills that would later become the cornerstone of his financial planning approach.

Adventures Ashore

After the navy, Mark's path took an intriguing turn into the world of financial services. His time in offshore industries, including a challenging stint in Singapore, sharpened his financial acumen and introduced him to the complexities of global finance. But it was his personal quest to untangle his family's trust affairs that truly ignited his passion for financial planning. Mark realised that like navigating a ship through stormy seas, managing finances required foresight, planning, and sometimes, the courage to chart a new course.

Philosophy and Fulfilment

What sets Mark apart is his incorporation of stoic philosophy into his financial life planning. He believes that financial well-being is more than numbers on a paper; it's about living a life of purpose and meaning. Mark's approach is holistic, taking into account not just the financial, but the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions of retirement planning.

Mark's Passions

Mark is not all about finance and philosophy. He's a windsurfer who finds peace and balance on the waves, a puzzle enthusiast who loves the thrill of solving complex challenges, and a natural storyteller whose anecdotes are as engaging as they are enlightening.

A Guide and a Partner

Today, aboard his boat moored on the Thames, Mark isn't just a financial planner; he's a guide, a mentor, and a partner to those navigating the uncharted waters of retirement. He's committed to helping his clients design a life of crescendo, not diminuendo, where every retirement day is lived with purpose and joy.

Standing Out in the Crowd

In a world where financial advice is often transactional and product-focused, Mark stands out by focusing on the individual stories of his clients. He's not just planning finances; he's shaping legacies. His commitment to his clients is unwavering, and his approach is as refreshing as it is rare.

Join Mark on this journey at "Our Watchman", where financial life planning is not just about securing your wealth, but about enriching your life's story.



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