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How to Pivot Your Career When You’re Sick of the Rat Race – But Not Ready to Retire

Mark Scorer of Our Watchman shares insights for mid-career professionals looking to pivot their careers. Embracing change and aligning financial strategies are crucial steps towards a fulfilling professional future.

By Mark Scorer, Our Watchman

As we journey through our careers, there often comes a moment when the daily grind no longer satisfies. Whether it’s the monotony of a long-held role, a desire for new challenges, or a quest for more fulfilling work, many professionals find themselves yearning for a change. The question then becomes: How can you successfully navigate this transition without stepping off the professional ladder entirely?

Embracing Change Mid-Career

In your 40s, 50s, 60s, or even beyond, the idea of a professional reinvention is not just possible but increasingly common. Take Telegraph columnist Helena Morrissey, for example. After 15 years as CEO of Newton Investment Management, she chose to step down, not because she didn’t love the job, but because she craved something different. At 50, with plenty of energy and ambition left, she sought new challenges that could sustain her enthusiasm for years to come.

The Rise of Non-Executive Roles

For many seasoned professionals, transitioning into non-executive director (NED) roles offers a balanced alternative. These positions provide intellectual stimulation without the demands of day-to-day operational responsibilities. However, as Helena notes, NED roles can be intense during critical business events, necessitating careful consideration before commitment.

Exploring Unconventional Career Paths

Today’s dynamic job market offers a plethora of unconventional avenues to explore. From becoming a senior adviser, engaging in angel investing, to launching entrepreneurial ventures or embracing side-hustles, the options are diverse. Eleanor Mills and others have shown that mid-life career shifts can lead to newfound passions and profound satisfaction.

Leveraging Resources and Support

Successfully navigating a career transition requires thoughtful planning and the right resources. Initiatives like BraveStarts and A&O Shearman’s “ReStart” programme cater specifically to mid-career professionals looking to redefine their trajectories. These programmes offer workshops, mentoring, and networking opportunities essential for a smooth transition.

Integrating Financial Planning

At Our Watchman, we understand the critical role that financial planning plays in career transitions. Our approach goes beyond traditional financial planning, integrating lifetime cashflow planning with holistic life coaching. Whether you seek to explore new career paths or optimise your current financial situation, we provide the tools and guidance to help you achieve clarity and mastery.


Pivoting your career mid-life is not just about finding a new job—it’s about discovering a role that resonates deeply and sustains your passion. As you contemplate your next chapter, consider the possibilities beyond the conventional. Embrace change with confidence, supported by strategic financial planning and a community dedicated to your success.

For more insights and personalised guidance on navigating your career pivot, visit Our Watchman and embark on a journey towards a fulfilling professional future.

Your career pivot is not merely about changing jobs—it’s about creating a future that aligns with your evolving aspirations and values.

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